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womens yoga shoes – Hand made paper Pointe shoes – made from the finest Artist's Materials. Hand made paper , with silk fibres – this paper has a wonderful texture and fine silk strands throughout the paper surface , and purposely torn edges to add to their fragile beauty. Each shoe measures approximately 20cm long , and takes many hours to complete – they are extremely delicate and feminine , and sturdy enough for display. They have long , vintage seam binding ribbons . Marginal differences will occur between each pair due to being unique hand made artworks. A wonderful unique decorative art object to display in your home , for ballet lovers , and a beautiful birthday , mother's day or bridal gift for someone to treasure . Shipped in a sturdy box , and packed with great care, to ensure they arrive to you in pristine condition .For more paper shoes , please see my shop sectionhttps://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/CoraPearlDesign?section_id=14977209&ref=shopsection_leftnav_9If purchasing further items – please contact me for a revised shipping invoice – as any additional charges must be covered prior to the item being shipped.This item is protected under Copyright laws. © Cora Pearl Design . Purchasing any items from Cora Pearl Design does NOT transfer Copyright to the Artworks. Thank you

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The cast of the elaborate production numbers about 100 local dancers, from kindergarten age to adults. Professionals have been hired to dance a few of the lead roles, but the rest of the performers come from the Academy of American Ballet womens yoga shoes. Ballet America is the Academy’s performance company. The founder of both, Julia Dugan, who directs the production, has streamlined “The Nutcracker” to a fast-moving 95 minutes. It’s designed to appeal to the entire family. Dugan says, “The Nutcracker’ is a ballet for children and about children. So my emphasis is to try to get as many children as possible actually performing in the show, because kids in the audience love to see peers up there dancing. But also, to me, ‘Nutcracker’ should be a charming production. So parts of it are very light and funny. We have a cowboy mouse and the Mouse King, when he dies, usually does some current pop-culture-type dance. We have kind of a heaven scene at the beginning of Act Two, based on a poem called ‘The Sugar-Plum Tree,’ where there’s a gingerbread cat and a chocolate dog, played by kids..

“I try to keep it appealing for young kids to watch womens yoga shoes. Some people have a different take on it and try to make it a mysterious, very deep-meaning ballet. That’s not my preference. Our spin on it is for it to be a family friendly production. We’ve gotten some feedback from people who’ve seen the big productions in San Francisco, and they’ve actually liked ours better, because there’s just a charm when it’s local talent, because you can see the heart in the dancer.”..

Dugan finds that the Fox is an ideal venue for seeing that heart. “I love the Fox, a beautiful art-deco building, because it has a really great feel to it. It’s an intimate theater, which I like, as do audiences and the dancers. Huge halls sometimes don’t give you that sense of connection or interaction. The Fox is, in every way, a very accessible theater.”. Dugan never tires of this ballet. “I’ve been involved with ‘Nutcracker,’ either dancing or directing, for 35 years. But each year, when I see the kids audition, it brings it to life for me again, because I can see how excited they are about it. It’s really special, a blessing.” womens yoga shoes.

For many young people, “The Nutcracker” serves as a wondrous introduction to ballet. Dugan says, “The first ballet I saw was ‘The Nutcracker.’ I just loved it. And from the age of 4 on, I wanted to be a ballet dancer. We didn’t have money and we were in a small town, so I didn’t get to do it until I was 11. But I literally begged, from the age of 4 on, because of ‘The Nutcracker.’”. At age 11, Dugan, who grew up in Sacramento, auditioned for “The Nutcracker” for the first time womens yoga shoes. “I didn’t get in, and I remember crying and crying. And then one year I was Clara. I was Snow Queen. I was Sugar Plum Fairy. So I went through all of the different ranks. Almost all of the different female roles in ‘Nutcracker,’ I have done.”..

“The Nutcracker” is as magical for the performers as it is for the audience. “I was thrilled and excited, especially when I did the role of Clara. Honestly, of all the roles I ever did, even dancing professionally, Clara was always the most special, because there was something about being that age and having that role, where there was such a defined character and storyline. I literally, when I went on, thought I was Clara. And it was just so much fun. It almost felt like I was in a different world.” womens yoga shoes.

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