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You do a ton of philanthropy. And something that we’re going to talk about later in this episode, I want to talk about your multiple streams of income, but something that we need to spend some time talking about later in the episode is you’ve recently, from what I’ve heard, acquired the rights, exclusive rights, to Tiger King. Is that correct?.

Much of this is not the fault of the home owner as there may have been a foreclosure or short sale in the same neighborhood. If this is the case, the value of a home can drop as much as 20% in a few short months. This seems to be happening all over the United States and President Obama wants to do everything in his power to not let this harm the housing market even more than it has..

Native Americans aren’t the only victims associated with the Gold Rush. At a time when President Donald Trump has brought vilification of Mexico to a fevered pitch in the United States, it is important to recall that the future American state was originally owned by the Mexican government. America only achieved possession of it through imperialism in part by having white settlers colonize the land and eventually declare that a section of it should be “independent” of Mexico.

When shooting video, you can start with any of the three cameras active, but be warned that if the zoom camera is selected and you tap the record button, you’ll actually begin recording through the standard camera with 2X digital zoom applied. This lets you switch between standard and zoomed in views instantly while recording, but the icons don’t change at all. There is no indication that the actual zoom camera is not being used.

NFL owners beg for Super Bowls. They spend billions (or get the government to get the public to spend billions) to build a new stadium so that they have a reason to host the Super Bowl. Jags owner Shad Khan, who wasn with the team during its only hosting gig but presumably has ears and heard about everyone bashing the Florida city, is the opposite.

This doesn’t surprise me. My clients and my friends regularly report lack of sufficient sleep; sometimes with near disastrous consequences. Stress, financial pressures, overuse of technology, (did I mention stress?) and the conventional wisdom that people don’t really need as much sleep as once was believed are all conspiring to increase our expectations for productivity and decrease our time relaxing, recovering, and sleeping.One man I know call him Ted in his car as he was being shaken by a local police officer.

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