“It’s difficult because sometimes you want to bang your head against the wall,” Duke says. “You just wanna say, ‘Hey folks, all you have to do is take a pill. Just get tested. The Kennedys made Georgetown dinners the most coveted invitations in town. Ronald and Nancy Reagan brought their Hollywood glamour to Washington’s social scene. The Obamas turned date nights into a showcase of the city’s new restaurants.

The current pavement rating of the intersection is 5 of 10. This project first appeared in the 2014 CIP with construction planned for 2016. The project remained in 2016 until the 2017 CIP when it was deferred to 2018. Central Park will serve the neighborhood and the city at large with many unique features. The Great Lawn and stage area will be perfect for festivals, the lighted pathways will provide a green oasis downtown and the long awaited skate park will provide a place for skaters to fuel their craft. Join us as we commemorate the newest addition to Madison Parks..

24, 2020. The date for implementing the agreement, the first international treaty banning nuclear weapons, is Jan. 22.. As mentioned in my Feb. 17 Alder Update, on Feb. 12 the Urban Design Commission voted not to recommend the approval of two bonus floors of height for Core Spaces’ proposed apartment building at 126 Langdon Street.

Last year I accidentally filed as an independent and was then not qualified for my Stimulus Check. I refiled my 1040x to fix this, but I was told by the IRS that because the system in automated they could not send me my stimulus. The only way to fix this is to, when filing this years taxes, fill in a part of my tax form that says I am owed both Stimulus Checks..

EDIT: yea that didn’t happen, sorry. TL/DR: Anyone order prescription sunglasses through Ray bans site?Has anyone had a good experience recently ordering prescription sunglasses through Ray Ban’s website?After investing a lot of time into finding the perfect sunglasses for my first prescription pair I ordered the ones I wanted through Ray Ban’s website.They let you customize everything and the site is very well built and easy to use. I sent in my prescription and got a message back from their RX team saying they got it, had everything they needed from me and would notify me when my glasses were shipped.

You give power to federal government, like USA did, and you end up with a huge mess, like we have. Glad each state is at least able to do their own vaccines the way they see fit. We cruising along nicely on that at least. I personally think the name is misleading as these devices are far beyond being a mere Even a very smart one. They are full on computers that, among many other features, happen to include a phone. In my prior article on augmented reality I focused on the iPhone addition of a magnetometer (digital compass).

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