Everyone has things that they value. Just because you don see the same value doesn make it insane. You correct that the reasons a person chooses to own a gun can be complicated, which is exactly the opposite from the over simplified artificial framework you tried to set forth “either you can do the right thing or have your guns”.

The other aspect of ABA is that it prioritizes compliance over all else. This is incredibly harmful. Autistic people have reasons for doing or not doing things, so when you disregard those reason and instead gate access to their favorite things based on doing those things, physically move their bodies to take an action they don want, or ignore them until they do what you want, then what you teaching them is that their feelings don matter so long as they do what they told..

Just don think you are getting anything better than the $20 pair you could have gotten elsewhere online.Obviously I work in the industry on the B side. I own a very small 3 person optical, so take that for what it worth. I don have a problem with WP other than their “We are a friend of the people, and everyone else is a greedy jerk ripping you off.” marketing.

Motion Sense might be transformative someday, but that day isn’t now. Google is advertising it as a way to navigate your phone’s interface by swiping your hand above the radar sensor at the top of the Pixel 4. Aside from using it to move around the home screen, you can use it to skip songs, decline phone calls, and dismiss alarms..

Pelosi is staking out a hard line on extending a $600 per week supplemental pandemic federal jobless benefit, which lapsed last week. Republicans offered to extend the benefit into December and cut it to $400, according to aides confirming leaks reported in Politico. The unemployment insurance issue is perhaps the most important to resolve, but some Senate Republicans up for reelection this fall appear comfortable with yielding on the question..

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