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pointe shoes too big – If you love the world of Witchcraft and Wizardry, these are the shoes for you! You can flaunt your fandom in style.These shoes feature a chapter from J.K. Rowling's popular series. The pictured pair is featuring Chapter 25 of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix entitled "Beetle at the Bay". With the exception of the glasses and lightning bolt featured on the right shoe, all paper material is taken from an actual copy of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Please note when ordering, 5-10 chapters (in order of preference) that you like (there will be some limitations due to availability but we carry several copies of each HP book and should have most chapters available) and we will pick one of those chapters (so long as one of them is available) to make your shoes.If you are looking for a different fandom to be represented or a very specific chapter, please contact us to create a custom order. Additional charges may apply. Please keep in mind that we keep a very limited stock of flat shoes, the style/brand and inner color may be slightly different than the pair shown. We will, however, consult with you concerning the shoe style if it will be vastly different than that pictured and any other greatly varied details throughout the creation process so long as you respond to your etsy messages. Otherwise we will make judgement calls. Please note the pictured pair does represent one of the styles we have been using recently but we cannot guarantee their availability.We offer US women's sizes 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, and 11. If you require a size outside of this range, please convo us to see if we can accommodate you.Cost for these shoes includes only ONE chapter, chapter art from that chapter, and clip art (such as is pictured). Additional chapters/illustrations, quotes that fall outside of the chosen chapter, and clip art will add to the cost. Costs for EXTRAS are as follows:$5.00 for each additional chapter illustration$2.00 for each quote that lies outside of the included chapter (please note that there is a limit to the number of quotes that can be included. This will be determined by the space available on your style of shoe/handbag)$3.00 for the use of title page text/illustrationsPlease message us prior to ordering if you would like to request a specific chapter or if you are in need of extras as these are subject to availability and extra cost. If you do not message us prior to ordering and neglect to provide 5-10 chapter choices on your order page we will choose a chapter at random (the same applies if you choose to provide less than 5 options and none of your choices are available). If you provide at least 5 options but none are available, we will contact you to provide an additional five. Please always provide chapter options in the order of preference and we will start with the top of your list and work down as availability dictates.If you are requesting extras or a very specific chapter, please be aware that you should not use this page to order. We will put up a reserved listing for you with the correct price according to your extras. If you are not requesting extras, please feel free to order from this listing and be sure to note your chapter preferences in the comments section of the checkout.(Not your or preferred style?: Contact us to create a custom order. We will also let you choose from available chapters or even different books! )What are you paying for? – You are paying for the materials (shoes, portion of the book cost, glue) and time of production (one pair of these shoes takes approximately 6 hours to create in a process that is completed over the course of several days).Can you wear these shoes? – Yes. These shoes can be worn. However, please keep in mind that this is wearable art. We would not recommend wearing these shoes in inclement weather or wearing them on a daily basis. We do what we can to seal and protect these shoes but they will probably wear and tear much more quickly than other shoes (particularly in areas where the shoe bends).Are these shoes previously used? – No. We only use brand new shoes unless a listing specifically states otherwise. How long will they take to ship? – Custom/made-to-order products normally take 2-3 weeks to ship. If we are going through a particularly busy period we will note these periods on our shop page.Please read through all shop policies before making a purchase and ask any questions pertaining to products BEFORE making a purchase.Be sure to like this item an follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat – @thenerdboutique

Witchcraft and Wizardry Book Themed Ballet Flats

To view all hospital scores as they compare nationally and locally, including San Mateo County, go to www.hospitalsafetyscore.org, which also provides information on how the public can protect themselves and loved ones during a hospital stay. Safety scores of local hospitals can also be seen on the free mobile app at www.hospitalsafetyscore.org. Free coffee and donuts were available for the volunteers who were also provided safety vests, gloves, garbage and recyclables bags, and other necessary equipment to take with them on their assigned routes in San Bruno pointe shoes too big.

After spending about two hours cleaning or painting, the volunteers were treated to a complimentary “thank you” BBQ lunch sponsored by Recology San Bruno, and also given a special Centennial gift from the Beautification Task Force pointe shoes too big. A total of 5,100 pounds (2.55 tons) of garbage (3,800 pounds) and recyclables (1,300 pounds) was collected on the routes and an additional 5 pounds of garbage, 73 pounds of recyclables, and 180 pounds of organics were collected from the barbecue lunch. San Bruno Councilwoman Irene O’Connell, Beautification Task Force and Operation Clean Sweep chairwoman, reminded everyone that 2014 is the City of San Bruno’s Centennial year and the Beautification Task Force is inviting San Bruno residents to become a lasting part of the celebration by have a free street tree planted in their front yard..

“The city will provide, plant, and maintain the tree,” said O’Connell. “All the resident has to do is water the tree and then sit back and enjoy it.” For more street tree information, email [email protected] While attending college, San Francisco resident Ancheta worked in multiple jobs to help her family cover living expenses. Maria credits some specific programs at Skyline College that have helped her achieve her goals in spite of working full-time and attending college pointe shoes too big.

“The Women in Transition program created for Maria a support network of women to combat academic and personal challenges she has faced,” said Skyline College President Regina Stanback Stroud, Ed.D. “In addition, the Kababayan Program has modeled a sense of family and community for her, forming an amazing bond unlike anything she has ever experienced pointe shoes too big. “Blessed with a great deal of talent, Maria has also danced ballet, hula, Tahitian and jazz performances at such places are the Palace of Fine Arts, Las Vegas and Santa Clara convention centers, and San Mateo Performing Arts Center.” The Pister scholarship, named after the university’s former chancellor —- given to only 13 recipients annually — will enable Ancheta to attend UC Santa Cruz in the fall..

The scholarship was established in 1993 to support transfer-eligible community college students who show exceptional achievement despite adverse socio-economic status, have demonstrated commitment to assisting and improving the lives of others, and who would not otherwise be able to attend UC Santa Cruz. The scholarship provides $20,000 over two years, assistance in securing additional funding to cover all additional costs, and individually tailored mentoring program, and assistance in finding paid or volunteer summer work pointe shoes too big.

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