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Have to fight for what we think is right, Billingsley said. Percent of the people we ask about it, they say, Why is it going away? We don understand. We like it. Today if a Kashmiri girl decided to write a blog on the lines of Baghdad Burning, our mainstream media would label her as anti national. The media today is increasingly delegitimising the space of citizen journalism because it is not interested or invested in journalism. Under the garb of journalism, the media is today the comprador of the state..

I’m not sure I agree it’s such a big problem, other than having to upset some advertisers by declining advertisements that used to get automatic acceptance. Remember, Facebook is still a private enterprise and they’re under no obligation to make everyone (or anyone) happy. People who want to publish political speech can still do so on their own pages or status updates, but they won’t get paid distribution into users’ news feeds..

Performance. Magento 2 is faster all around: on the product, category, and home pages. Many new technologies were added to Magento 2 that helped to optimize pages for fast delivery, reduce the server response time for site activities, and make backend operations more effective.

The company has diversified its business a bit. About 50% of its sales are custom devices, which measure for a specific company or a specific type of shoe, such as ice skates, diabetic footwear or ski boots. About 40% of its sales are international, a share that’s been growing, Follett said.

Crocodiles, bears, lions, apes, cobras and scorpions, as well as other large predators and poisonous creatures, are now the subject of a ban from being kept as pets in Russia, to safeguard the health of both ‘owner’ and animal.Such beasts pose dangers to people, while apartments or country houses differ greatly from the natural habitats of the animals, a difference that affect their health negatively, even causing death, a new act, signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on Friday, reads.Large predators such as bears, wolves, lions, tigers, lynxes and others are among the species to benefit from the new protections. The ban also includes crocodiles and carnivore turtles, Komodo Dragons, bearded lizards and other reptiles. Also set to get a new lease on life are snakes such as cobras and pythons, as well as many poisonous arachnids, including scorpions and tarantulas.A Muscovite’s pet bear cub on a walk in the city.

However, fibre exports have the highest CAGR with substantial growth in recent years.India’s share of the world’s textile and apparel exports stands at 4.5 per cent. It is estimated that due to the increasing shift of textile and apparel production to Asian nations and the deteriorating export competitiveness of China, this figure will grow to 8 per cent by 2020, with a total exports value of USD 82 billion.This growth, from 4.5 per cent to 8 per cent of world trade, will open up huge potential for Indian players, the report said. “The recession in textile industry seems to be over.

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