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The suggested retail price for the initial package is $120. Another package going on sale in November features Hulk hands where the action focuses on air punching and throwing imaginary objects. Wars themed packages will roll out in 2016, after Wars: Episode 7 The Force Awakens debuts in December.

In an exclusive interview with CNBC TV18, the company’s Director, Koushik Chatterjee, said the company took the “strategic” decision to divest in the UK business in light of its grim financial condition and that it could not take any further impairments.The company’s UK business was part of Corus, which has now been branded Tata Steel Europe.Chatterjee termed the sale as an effort to turn around the European business, which has strugged ever since Tata bought it out eight years back.The global steel industry, he added, was hurting from overproduction in China, which had caused a slump in commodity prices.Below is the transcript of Koushik Chatterjee ‘s interview with CNBC TV18 ‘s Kritika Saxena.Q: The question that everyone is asking is simply, is Tata Steel exiting UK operations or not?A: Fundamentally, if you look at the way we have looked at this is after supporting this business for a very long time, for 8 9 years, supporting in terms of restructuring, in terms of investments financially, we have taken a strategic view that the plan for the future looks very significantly inherent with risks. We have spent a lot of time yesterday at the board in stress testing the scenarios and the assumptions going forward because the market externalities in the UK have changed very significantly. The issue relating the over capacity which is facing the global steel industry has had a very deep impact on the steel industry in the UK and it is almost like a perfect storm.So, in that context, and the amount of support, and the asset impairments that we have taken, it was a strategic view, that we should look at all options which includes divestment relating to the UK business.Q: So, is this going to be a complete sale or complete divestment of the UK operations as a result of which, you will be withdrawing from UK completely?A: What we have said is that the Tata Steel Europe Board, which is the holding company of our European business, has to review all these options which includes the divestment options of Tata Steel UK in whole or in part.

“We’ll see what happens after this year,” Pronger said. “It’s been a great opportunity to stay involved in the game and be a part of the League and learn the business side of the game in depth and on the front lines. Going to the Board of Governors meetings, sit in on those.

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