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In the same telescopic low power field you will also note faint NGC 4647 which only appears to be interacting with M60. Also in the field is our next Messier, bright cored elliptical M59 to the west. (Yes, there more but not tonight.) Moving a degree west of this group will bring you to our twin, fainter M58.

The Boston based maker of athletic shoes appears poised to score a partial victory against American behemoths like Nike that want an immediate end to tariffs on sneakers manufactured overseas. Instead, after a long lobbying battle by New Balance, the trade pact is likely to impose a gradual phaseout of the tariffs.New Balance says it wants a slower phaseout to help it preserve nearly 1,400 manufacturing jobs in New England.Negotiators have yet to finish the 12 nation pact, known as the Trans Pacific Partnership, and have kept most details secret. Although any agreements could still unravel, the latest developments reveal how a privately owned New England company and its well placed allies in Congress can wield surprising influence in a cutthroat industry dominated by global trade.”The administration has heard our concerns and appears to be moving forward in a way to give us enough time to react,” said Matt LeBretton, vice president of public affairs for Brighton based New Balance.

If you rely on just your relationships to get you referrals you’ll be disappointed.The key to getting a consistent stream of referrals is to build the referral process into the transaction! That’s right, you need to build your referral system INTO the TRANSACTION.Here’s a Great Example of “Transaction Based” Referral SystemsThe other day I received a promotional letter from TXU Energy (a Texas Energy Company). In the promotional letter they included a leaflet that offered $40 to anyone who referred a friend and became a customer.They also send this leaflet along with their billing statements. When someone comes out to your house to do maintenance work or respond to a call they leave behind this leaflet.You see, when a “transaction” happens, they ask for a referral.

Speaking to CNBC TV18, he said that the production needs to be increased by around 7 times to achieve this target and ReNew expects more capital from its existing investors and plans to raise more money from new investors or through public market if required to meet the goal.Below is the verbatim transcript of Sumant Sinha’s interview with Nisha Poddar on CNBC TV18.Q: It has been a long journey for you. I have known you as an investment banker, then CFO of some big companies and now you are the owner of a power company. Which one has been most exciting for you?A: They all had their own areas of interest for the time that I was doing them.

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