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Tuesday, Jul. 14, 2020I woke up at 2am got upset about my relationship with my sister being non existent these days and then started thinking I was a bad person and I shouldn’t date because It’s not fair on the other person. I’ll just hurt them or something.

Set WeatherA growing number of borough halls and township offices are closing their doors to the public, or making other adjustments, in an effort to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.Officials in Wormleysburg announced Sunday that their offices will be closed to the public through March 27.Borough staff can still be reached at 717 763 4483.The office, located at 20 Market St., maintains a drop off slot next to the front door for bill payments, permit applications and other correspondence.Events scheduled in borough council chambers or Knisley Hall are canceled through the end of the month, as are council and committee meetings.Swatara Township announced it will close its building to the public starting Monday, and it will be closed until further notice. Residents can still call or email the staff and make payments through the mail or a secured drop box.Lower Paxton Township is limiting all public business to the municipal center’s lobby and vestibule area. No meetings will be held beyond that point.

Folks were wondering about (that) I not going to lie, Lee said with a chuckle, pinching his own skin. Michael never came public that he had this disease. I was one of them. I appreciate the reply,My business kind of evaporated given the ever decreasing market share of Windows Phone. I was able to carve out a pretty nice little niche where I created small apps for Windows Phone in even smaller targeted niche markets where there was usually almost no competition. I agree I could always go back to the workforce if anything goes awry but I not even at that decision yet, it more a question of how do I allocate my time properly until I become profitable enough to make that decision, and how long do I put off moving my life forward given the uncertainty of the app market..

It can be hard to focus on truly improving your game at that particular time. Even if you aren’t playing and are just practicing, your focus can be diminished by anything else that exists around you at the time. When you are visualizing, however, all your focus is on the skill you are trying to improve.

When you can run without straining, increase your practice run to a total of 20 minutes 10 away and 10 homewards. Do this until you can run for a full hour. I did a 40 minute run up and down three hills and my body aches all over. All of these ideas are variations on the same theme. You are to practice becoming spontaneous. The whole point of a too tight comfort zone is that you do not give yourself room to be free, playful, and spontaneous.

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