Overall the value is there for a 30k car, just you have to go into it knowing this is a 30k car not a 60k Audi with all the features. It rides well and smooth, haven noticed an issue with the cvt, and it is great for longer drives too. I would get another one, but I think I when we get a new car, my wife will get the new one and I will get the crosstrek back..

Police said in a Friday news release that there have been 14 armed, violent robberies or attempted robberies at pharmacies, cellphone stores and a jewelry and antique store since last July. Police said in most of the cases, multiple suspects would go into stores with a weapon, usually a knife or bear spray, and proceed to tie up employees with plastic bags or tape. Police said staff were physically assaulted and received minor injuries..

Hi guys! Sorry for being MIA for a bit, but I’ve been taking finals, moving out of my dorm, and vacationing in Miami! I wore this outfit when it was a little gloomy and misty in Amherst and I got so many compliments on my jeans! These are the most amazing jeans I’ve found by FRAME denim because they have an uncut hem! I decided not to hem them, even though they are very long because I love how versatile I can make them. I can tuck them into boots, fold them under for flats or sandals and have them a little longer for heels! They are super comfy and the rise is great, plus they also come in black! I paired them with a super cute Zara top that follows the lace up trend, but is great for daytime and casual events because it is not as revealing with the lace up detail on the sides! I got these Gucci boots for my birthday from my parents and I love the riding boot style combined with the sleek black leather. They also look great paired with a flowy dress and denim jacket! I wore my go to Vince leather jacket, which has the perfect length of sleeves for a tall girl with long arms!FRAME denim Karlie Forever Supermodel Length Skinny Jeans, Zara crop black tank with lace up sides, Vince leather jacket, and Gucci Maud tall flat boot in black.

Amazon has gotten under the scanner over concerns related to safety of its employees working for warehouse, delivery unit, and retail. And now according to new reports, Amazon has terminated two of its employees, who criticized the working conditions at its warehouses on Twitter amid the COVID 19 Pandemic. According to Amazon, these employees “repeatedly” violated its internal policies..

Being close is good: it lets you take a half day off work when the forecast looks good, and lets you keep from committing when it looks marginal. If things look uncertain I can drive out and see how other pilots are doing before deciding if I want to setup or go back home. You will spend a lot of time “hang waiting” for conditions to improve and many times they don’t and you wasted an afternoon: that part of the hobby like fishing.

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