The food truck will operate Wed. Fri. For lunch.. Alright, showoff, we get it you can do cool shit. The Dell XPS 13 2 in 1 laptop is finally a happy medium between Dell’s traditional powerhouse laptops (more specifically the beloved regular XPS 13) and the elegance of a convertible. Type as you would on a traditional laptop or flip it into a tablet for note taking, movie watching, or reading an awkwardly arranged online book.

How much time do you have? Google has had to field plenty of questions and criticism from lawmakers. These include questions about whether people should be able to use Glass while they’re behind the wheel and disputes about wearing Glass in situations where recording would normally be banned, such as in a movie theater. It’s a bit of a tricky question because Glass has so many potential uses but users aren’t necessarily taking advantage of them all the time.

Bohnenstengel SI, Belcher SE, Aiken A, Allan JD, Allen G, Bacak A, Bannan TJ, Barlow JF, Beddows DCS, Blossss WJ, Booth AM, Chemel C, Coceal O, Di Marco CF, Dubey MK, Faloon KH, Flemiming ZL, Furger M, Gietl JK, Graves RR, Green DC, Grimmond CSB, Halios CH, Hamilton JF, Harrison RM, Heal MR, Heard DE, Helfter C, Herndon SC, Holmes RE, Hopkins JR, Jones AM, Kelly FJ, Kotthaus S, Langford B, Lee JD, Leigh RJ, Lewisis AC, Lidsidsidster RT, Lopez Hilfiker FD, McQuaid JB, Mohr C, Monks PS, Nemimitz E, Ng NL, Percival CJ, Prvt ASH, Ricketts HMA, Sokhi R, Stone D, Thornton JA, Tremper AH, Valach AC, Visser S, Whalley LK, Williams LR, Xu L, Young DE, Zotter P. 2015. Meteorology, air quality, and health in London: The ClearfLo project.

The machine learning product won actually handle the heavy lifting of reimagining an interface and making complicated UI or UX decisions. But it can, for instance, help quickly determine what photos and text content are ported onto pages designed for very small user segments.brand wants to do personalization, says Steve Hammond, senior director of product of Adobe Marketing Cloud. Want to make content relevant to individuals and audiences, but as you expand the audiences you creating content for, you face two bottlenecks: How do you create variations of content, and how do you create imagery for them? bottlenecks, he says, are something that machine learning can help tackle.Once again, an old theme in the world of machine learning is picked up here.

There was Norman Powell again making a case that he should stay in the starting lineup even when OG Anunoby returns to the lineup shortly. Powell has shot 49% from three and from the field over his last seven games and is getting to the free throw line 4.9 times a night in that stretch, something that’s hugely important for a jump shooting team that doesn’t attack the rim enough overall. Plus, his presence has appeared to open things up for Pascal Siakam, another of Monday’s stars, who has been dominant lately, returning to his prior All NBA form..

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